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How to Book online reservation for table?

Too lazy to go to the shops, we'll deliver the biltong straight to your door. We are based in the gauteng area and a delivery charge of R65 per order.

How to became a VIP customer in our restaurant ?

You ever had a craving so bad you could taste it in everything you eat? Well, i do, and i crave for Biltong daily. We then decided to make our own to make accesibility easier and not have to go to the store to purchase some biltong. We soon found ourselves catering for friends and family who would drive for miles just to get a taste. From there, we knew we were onto something great. We only use high quality silver-side beef so that all our customers get to experience what we tasted in the beginning. As soon as our friends and family approved, we decided to take this passion mainstream, with a limited supply weekly. Our biltong is well worth the wait

How to pay an online for ordered food?

Online payment will soon foolow. please stay tuned as we finalise with our merchants for easy buying and paying of out delicios biltong from the safety and comfort of your home.